Although the net is full with info about how to do it, on YouTube is also full with video tutorials, so you can ask what the hell is this guy writing for .... well, here are my 2 cents without a video.
I would have done a video but in a one room appartment is quite hard to do all, so I focused on the results.

I have a small practice combo which is cheap but sounds ok, one of the main problems I had with it is that it is too loud for my neighbours. I mean we can hear each other farting so a loud guitar combo is a big NO-NO. Regarding the sound, it was a bit on the bright side, not bad, but for a guitar sometimes was a bit too bright - at least for my taste. Other than the brightnes I can't complain too much about the sound and for the price I paid, I was happy that it had a speaker inside. 

The most easy and "barbaric" way to get a strip light is more than cheap. All you need is a long (tall) and slim box, some aluminium foil (food aluminium foil), some liquid glue (not super glue), some sort of tape, a knife, a beer to keep company and 30-40 minutes.

Actually this one is a simple operation. There are just few things to lookout for and a bit of soldering knowledge.