Continuing on the topic of trends, and when they get dangerous, I will present some previous experiences on the topic. Here you can read the first part.

Some time ago I had a heated discussion on Skeleton or Splash page. Again, Apple does Skeletons, Splash is old. Without looking at the requirements of the application, or at any technology layer which will actually render the skeleton page useless, the trendy skeleton was invoked and ready for implementation. In this situation we had to fight a long time of white screen prior to layout rendering. Long means 30+ seconds. And the technology of the respective MVC framework would not render any view until the core files are loaded. So any skeleton rendering will just have to wait the same amount of time as the real deal. A splash screen would have worked wonders in this situation, because it has nothing to do with the MVC core, can be rendered quickly and give updates to the user. But hell no ... it is old so we fake the skeleton and we add a progress bar to it. Actually the idiot ended having a splash screen but he kept insisting that this is a skeleton not a splash. Each on his own ...
You can read my point of view here

Let's see how trends are influencing also developers, not only designers. Some time ago I build a platform using Drupal, but because of my main job and the fact that I also wanted to have my own time, I could not continue developing at the expected rate. So without hard feelings, I passed the keys to the empire and latrine to a hipster trendy god developer. So I heard while I was giving all the passwords and info on what I did, that he will do now everything in React, because it is cool, is modern, Drupal and PHP are dead, Facebook knows better, that's why they made the miracle React. Was like an ad for phony cures - React cures your cancer, reverts your baldness and improves your sexual life. The management was already exalted, like they had 10 to 20 orgasms, like being happy to get rid of me an my old fashion, and hello the the new Viagra .... React. The result is that the so called god works since almost one and half years on this and the platform in use is still the old fashioned one. Instead of going trendy they could just invest hours in improving the old one, not one year in doing something which was already achieved ... just with another technology.
Speaking about trendy .... trendy was to kill Flash. I know it had its faults but the biggest fault was that Adobe clashed with Apple. Apple said no and the market killed a product saying that HTML5 can do the same. 7 years later I still can't do with HTML what I could do then with Flash. Probably, if the trend was not to kill Flash, today you could have done a lot more with Flash. This is for me an example of things going wrong when someone shows some balls but no brains. Because HTML5 evolution did not boosted or was shadowed in any way, we lost one amazing tool just because "you can't use it on iPhone", then fuck you iPhone, I buy Android. But this is not how it works because is trendy to have an overpriced piece of hardware, which does not allow you freedom.

If until now I gave only negative examples, let's have a positive one. Working for some AR/VR apps using some established APIs we decided to go trendy, move the VR in three.js and cardboards. Actually, it was a pain in the but compared with the established APIs but in the end we got happy and lucky because one of the solutions we were looking into was purchased by Apple and next day the server died and .... well no one could use it anymore. So we parted ways, going on the hype which helped in the end to have just one solution instead of 3-4.
As you see it depends on the project requirements, if you need to go trendy, or not. Trendy I went with 360 Panorama movies. It was just an experimental project, so why not. Having a client who says ... ok let's do it, is cool. But would I say now that everything should be 360 movies? No, only if the situation, or the need requires it.

The conclusion is that you need to decide on your own if and how the trends will be included in your project.