As professionals we have from time to time to take decisions: go with the flow because is trendy or stay on current path. Sometimes it can be hard to decide, especially when is a pressure coming from the upper level because they heard that "this is the new thing" and we should have it too.
I will not say what you should do. But I will present you some real cases in my life and how they all went..

Recently I had to debate over the usage of a skeleton screen vs a splash screen for web pages or web apps, although I am not a fan of either solutions here are my thoughts on the topic.
Fist things first, if you can avoid any of the above this would be the way to go, if you are on the other hand forced to decide between them you will find that each has a place and a time when it should or shouldn't be used. Forget the trends or the classic "Apple does this in ...." because I heard it so many times and some use this as a sole argument. Let's look deeper into the subject, later you can decide which one to use.